Day 1 New Years Day Mountain Boarding at Laingdon Hills Country Park and Lots More

It’s amazing what you remember when you put your mind to it or if you get a trigger that reminds you as I just did that I have 2 outstanding invoices to send off from last year that are for a fair amount of cash and I haven’t thought of them for weeks.

This is my blog to remind me of things that I’ve done primarily for my own reading later in life as i have a memory that things don’t seem to stick very well.

It could have something to do with the amount of skunk I smoke but I’m not so sure, as i think the vodka binge at 14 definitely contributed to my alcohol induced memory loss problem.

Which is why I suppose this will not be very much an alcohol based post, I did go out for a couple of beers before Xmas with a couple of friends where I had a small quantity of speed which made me more chatty and helped me get to the end of the night with my memory enact.

So  much so that I even recall a conversation I had with Mr McNeil about how he and a few others would willingly come and play football again if I where to start managing a side again.

And at the moment Mossy I don’t think football management is on my radar football creator on the other hand may be in the wings, but that’s for another time.

That was at the Anchor very full then made it to Rios which was equally packed and a very attractive women told her brother and also reminded me as I couldn’t recall doing it, but in one of my braver moments I’d asked her out and she’d rebuffed me.

Must of been pissed as for one I don’t remember and two I’d more than likely need dutch courage to ask, which is another reason I’m single.  I always was successful when drunk with a hint of chemicals to extend the memory.

But now that I drink once in a blue moon my chances of meeting an intelligent single women dwindle and the fact I do find it hard to move when I’m stoned and comfortable, which is odd in itself that I can work all over Essex in the day time but can’t make it out in the Evening and night when I’m most awake.

But I’m getting off topic I’m here to remember, so one drink before Xmas I was stoned constantly on some very nice and wonderful weed, I made sure I had a selection of strains to open on Xmas day which I’d saved.

So that was nice White Domina, Chiesel and I can’t remember the third.

Why so much weed your probably thinking well I did actually stop for 7 years which a lot of people don’t know and only started back up as a friend was going to Amsterdam for his stag and as the previous joint I’d had a few weeks before he announced this whiped me out, i didn’t want to go to Dam and white out.

So with a little help I went into training for 6 weeks till Dam smoked myself silly out there got stung for 100 euro for drunken sleeping and stopped for a week once I got back.

But i enjoyed being stoned so I’ve kept going with a few breaks in between and its become a medicine for me in that it keeps my Ulcerative Colitis in remission.

But that’s for another day as I’m lucky that haven’t suffered for years.

So Christmas day was a surprise in that although I always usually spend with my Mum and Dad and rest of family they where in Canada, so Xmas was me my brother, Niece and her boyfriend.

And I wasn’t expecting to be the one to be the Christmas day cook.

We ate at 7 had steak, chips and onion rings as planned if a little late and no Daniel as he’d spent few hours with us then got back to Gus, Titch and Sid.

But I enjoyed mine as did Lea and Nick and the dogs had a couple of rounds of playing hide treats and seek.

I got a jumper from my Nan which I’ve worn, slippers from my mum that I’m wearing and a blue tooth speaker that syncs to my phone simply and has been playing Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac these past hours.

Whilst I’ve been getting the house ready in preparation for mum and dads return from Canada and weren’t really that much to get done but as a good uncle and as they’ve been moving into there new flat today, I even gave there side a good clean.

So had a couple of JD’s Xmas but not too many and then Boxing Day done fuck all except watch football, somewhere along the lines I won a few bets so much so that I put £100 back onto my card rather than on more bets.

And didn’t do too much else before or after Xmas couldn’t leave the dogs for too long and taking 6 out which includes the two random run off in any direction dogs Red and Mince Pie anything could happen.

But we only had one near incident and the owner and dog walked the other way and after that I always made sure Mince had his harness on as hes a very strong boy.

Maybe when I get time Ill add the videos from when I had them out.

So now where up to New Years Eve and had a Chinese round Daniels in the evening from Golden Dragon which we was told would be 40 minutes and was delivered in 18, so not enough time to get the plates warm but a welcome surprise.

And I spent the night with the dogs drinking Rum with my nieces other half and I have to say I shouldn’t of had my last one as it turned my stomach and the burger and chips from Burnham Grill made a re appearance but I did feel better.

And then onto to not even today as I’m writing this at time now is 04.49 but I’m not too bothered as I will be doing a daily blog as I have a lot of time and if I can’t find the half hour or so to make sure I remember my own life then I’m a prick.

A good part of today was spent at Laingdon Hills country park mountain boarding down a very big hill with a mate and his boy trying out the new board he got for Christmas

It was wet and muddy and boarding in wellies and with Red wasn’t ideal, it’s a great spot and we will no better next time but it’s very open and Red can spot another dog from over a field away.

So off he went down the hill wanting to sniff  the rear end of not the first dog he’d spotted so this one must of had something special about it and then off I wen t on the board following trying to catch up.

No injuries and I even got a little air of a jump so as long as I’m not hurting myself and progressing then that’s fine, although he does want to go boarding in the Pyrenees this year so more practice definitely in order.




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