Day 2 Dogs Rejoice and What About The Nowhere Men

After my late night cleaning and writing I didn’t get to sleep that early so when my mum and dad returned from Canada this morning, I wasn’t up to greet them and they went to bed soon after they got in.

I was woken by the sound of the door banging, so chucked on some clothes quickly to see delivery man with packages from Amazon at the door, all of which were books I’d ordered all 8 of them for just over a score with next day delivery.

And the first one I’m reading is The Nowhere Men – The unknown story of football’s true talent spotters.  The men who get 40p a mile just for the travel, not the time spent watching and compiling sports reports.

It’s a wonderful read for any football fan to see behind the facade of the Premier League and what it takes to scout a player at 8 and see him rise through the ranks.

And it’s proving invaluable in putting names to people who I will look to help me in raising the fortunes of my local club, we’re the biggest in our area with no network looking at the youth and that includes even our own youth teams.

For the last few months on and off I’ve been spending going back and forth to Herefordshire where my uncle lives who is getting on a touch and has been having quite a bit of back pain.

And as he lives in out in the sticks with woods all around him, me and Red love it up there so have been having few weeks up there and then a week back.

But with my parents away someone i had to look after the dogs other wise I would of happily spent Christmas up there.

So although I have plans for Burnham, I still want to spend time in Herefordshire, but after reading this book.  I know they’d all call me a whinging wanker as that’s a journey they do every few days to watch players.

But all the same I need to get myself a plan together.

Writing this two days on the trot is something to be proud of which I am, as its the small things that grow into large things.

Don’t start big as you’ll end up getting discouraged so start small as I have done, just write about what my day has been like to help me remember in later life.

Dewey was very strange this morning although I’m not sure if mable bit him when he jumped off the bed excited when he heard the door go or he may have fallen off the bed, but definitely weren’t himself.

Must try to get this done earlier so can take a bit more time and possibly get a to do list done for the next day.

As tomorrows Sunday all we need is a Spurs win and I’ll be happy.

Doing the outstanding invoices would be relevant as well

All the other books that I bought and an early daffodil blooming in January.




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